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Value Recovery for Impact

Convert your end-of-life IT assets into charitable contributions and positive PR

While your business’ IT Assets depreciate rather quickly they are far from worthless. Many of these assets have a significant amount of life left in them. They can be refurbished and resold. This is an amazing way to engage the circular economy and drive social impact. These assets have all kinds of impact potential and we want to help you extend your philanthropic reach through them. 

We track every qualified IT Asset in our ERP software. This allows us to know your net value as a client and provides data allowing us to contribute a generous percentage of your net value to the charities we support.

This is how we help you drive Corporate Social Responsibility and further the circular economy. If your current ITAD services aren’t creating social impact then that’s a problem we’d love to solve for you.

This creates a win for all parties involved and translates to tens of thousands of dollars helping further social impact initiatives on an annual basis.

What You Get

We provide you with a Net Impact Report (NIR) featuring:

Go ahead, feel warm and fuzzy!